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Rajay Naik
Chief Executive Officer, Europe
Alma Mater:
The University of Warwick – Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees
Rajay Naik’s inexhaustible energy stems from his passion for delivering educational opportunities to students around the world. Prior to becoming CEO of Keypath Education in Europe, Rajay was a Director at The Open University, the U.K.’s largest university renowned for its global innovation. He was previously a member of the landmark Independent Review of Higher Education chaired by Lord Browne. Alongside his role at Keypath Education, he is a member of the British Council’s education board and the UK-ASEAN Business Council.
What do you bring to Keypath Education as Chief Executive Officer for Europe?
My career has always been about extending opportunity. Particularly since coauthoring Learner Voice (2006), I have learnt how technology can enhance access to and the delivery of world-class education. This experience has given me a deep commitment to high-quality learning experiences, genuine partnerships and a relentless focus on the student experience.
How do you measure your success?
Student outcomes. My team and I are deeply passionate about helping students earn high-quality degrees through flexible routes that help them unleash their potential. Crucially, our university partners are determined to achieve the same goal.
What’s your personal motto?
Can I be cheeky and choose a song? “I Hope You Dance” encapsulates the gift and choices we have each day. It encourages us to choose challenge, keep striving and to fully embrace all that life offers. 
What excites you about higher education? 
U.K. higher education is a world leader, and Keypath Education is proven to be one of the most effective global strategic partners in the sector. I am excited to ensure that Britain’s universities are able to develop world-class online degree programs with the superlative technology, marketing, student support and other services for which Keypath Education is renowned.
What’s the one hobby you couldn’t live without? 
Unquestionably sport. Whether playing or watching, football and tennis are major passions. Wherever I am in the world, I closely follow my beloved (though sometimes exasperating!) Coventry City FC.
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