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Nancy Coleman, Ed.D.
VP of Academic Services
Alma Maters:
Stonehill College, Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Boston University – School of Management, Master of Business Administration
The George Washington University, Doctor of Education in Human and Organizational Learning
Nancy Coleman oversees the academic services portion of program management, which includes course development, student success services and faculty support. As the former Director of Distance Education for Boston University, Nancy pioneered award-winning and fully online degree programs for a global student population of more than 3,000. She is a professed lover of technology and its ability to transform the student experience and deliver better and more measurable outcomes.
What do you bring to Keypath Education as Vice President of Academic Services?
I bring more than 10 years of online education experience and the insights gained from being responsible for Boston University’s online degree programs in my last role. I’m committed to quality on all levels and developing online programs that exceed partner standards for excellence (and my own). Most importantly, I’m passionate about the student experience, and believe that designing and delivering programs that create happy, satisfied and better prepared students makes the world a better place.
I’m intellectually curious, and love a challenge, particularly when a partner says “you can’t do that online.” It just makes me work that much harder to find an innovative solution that awes the partner and engages the student.
With a deep understanding of how higher education works, and the intricacies of faculty and administrator relationships, I can help provide solutions that work for the modern university and meet the needs of a diverse group of stakeholders.
How do you measure your success?
By learning! If I’m learning something new and challenging myself in the process, it’s enormously rewarding. I also measure success by building a team that believes in the same core values and empowering that team to do the best job they can each day to add value to the student experience. The rewards come when students persist through their academic experiences, and we see their confidence as they graduate.
What’s your personal motto?
“Make it simple, but significant” (a quote from Don Draper of "Mad Men" fame) speaks to me about the power of clarity in thought, approach and intentionality.
What excites you about higher education? 
The possibilities that are enabled by technology. Today we can learn more, track more and understand more about how students learn, and this has all been enabled by technology. I’m fascinated by the multitude of “shiny objects” that appear on the horizon daily, and someday hope to have time to explore them all.
What’s the one hobby you couldn’t live without? 
I love to play golf. There’s nothing better than getting onto the course early in the morning and being among the first groups out. I enjoy the fact that golf is a game of integrity, and that you are constantly playing against your best performance, trying to tweak things here and there in an effort to keep getting better.
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