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Marcus King
Director of Operations at Keypath Education Australia
As Keypath Education Australia’s second employee, Marcus has been instrumental in establishing our day-to-day operations. Site procurement, technology implementation, building operational processes and procedures, and recruitment of staff were first on his to-do list. We have Marcus to thank for our sweeping views of Flinders Street Station and Treasury Gardens, reasonable coffee from the café downstairs, and, critically, dishwashers in the kitchen.
Marcus’ excellent people and project management skills and jovial communication style mean he’s adept at leading teams, influencing change and delivering multimillion dollar projects without breaking a sweat.
Marcus is Keypath Education Australia’s charcuterie king. An avid foodie, he can recommend gastronomical delights from Melbourne to New York, and even Palatine.
What do you bring to Keypath Education Australia as Director of Operations?
I’ve had over 10 years of operational and strategic management experience across a broad range of verticals, including utilities, finance, transport and logistics, government, health, and education, with a focus on omni-channel customer experience. I have a passion for operational excellence and people development, and tangible student services that guarantee exceptional learning and business outcomes.
What excites you about higher education?
Higher education is a major growth industry, and I’m excited to be part of something big and something that’s changing dramatically – for the better. I’m also keen to continue higher education myself. It’s great to work for an employer who implicitly supports that.
Whats the best lesson youve learned in business?
I don’t sweat the small stuff – there’s just not enough time in the day.
Whats the one hobby you couldnt live without?
Travelling. Life is a collection of experiences. I like mine to be broad.
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