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Meet a Keypather: Rebecca Streeter

By Rebecca Streeter
Meet Rebecca Streeter, Director of Awareness Marketing, who leads the teams that develop and deploy “top-of-funnel,” demand-generation marketing programs for our partners. These channel-agnostic campaigns encompass all mediums, both online and offline.
Is there a hobby you can’t live without?
Reading and traveling. I’m an avid reader. But I’m old school and must have “real” books … no e-reader for me! From an early age, it’s been my escape and outlet and I’m trying to pass along the love of books to my children as well. I also enjoy travelling and experiencing new places and cultures through my children’s eyes.
What excites you about working for Keypath Education?
I love that our efforts help our partners make a real difference for their students every day. We change lives through education, and that’s pretty awesome.
Where do you see your specialty going in the next five years?
As consumer habits continue to evolve and the average user is consuming media from many different screens (TV, desktop, tablet, phone), campaigns that are channel-agnostic and consumer-focused will become the norm. As marketers, this is making us focus on the individual again, not the medium of delivery; the quality of our messaging and targeting will improve because of it.
How can you use your skills to change the student experience for the better?
Education (and marketing) today is all about personalization. Through effective targeting and messaging, we can ensure that each student’s journey is personal from the first interaction with a brand’s message, to the day he or she starts school and graduates. 
What is your favorite personal achievement?
My greatest personal achievement is being Katheryn and Marcus’ mom. They are both kind, fun, inquisitive, headstrong and never take “that’s just how it is” as an answer. They are amazing kids and will change the world for the better. I’m very happy (and proud) to be their mom.